The kickTrike is a light electric light vehicle (ELV).

The kickTrike is our first ELV to be used in city areas worldwide. It is equally suited for touristic areas, airport, huge super markets where cars can´t go. It transports 1-2 people and extra goods as well. The front-trike concept in combination with the tilt technology, the electric power and a removable battery-module (GreenPack) are ideal to meet these requirements. Based on registered patents and our experiences with the kickTrike we are now planning to develop additional ELVs, such as kickBikes, kickScooters and last but not least a kickCar.

The kickTrike is an eco-friendly, multifunctional and foldable e-scooter on three wheels.

Optionally a seat and special boxes are available.

Folded it can be carried on busses, trains and in the trunk of a car.